Prison Break Season 4 (2008)

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In Los Angeles, Michael is tracking Whistler and Gretchen seeking revenge for the death of Sara. They go to the Roosevelt Hotel to buy a data card called Scylla. Whistler kills the sellers, copies the card but he is surprised by Michael. When Gretchen arrives, she discloses that Sara is alive. Later Gretchen meets General Jonathan Krantz in the Mojave Desert in California and tells her that she has failed and asks his agent Wyatt to kill her. Michael calls Lincoln in Panama and he tells him that Sofia and LJ are all right, Sona has burned down in the riot and Sucre, Bellick and T-Bag are not in the list of casualties. Sucre and Bellick meet Bellick's mother in the Arizona Desert near California. Michael gets a message from Mahone asking Michael to meet him. He tells him that Whistler and he are working against the company, Gretchen is dead and he explains the content of Scylla, The Company's little black book with all the information of the corrupt organization. When Whistler joins ...
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