One Piece Season 8 (2003)

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A group of pirates lead by the the freakishly large Alvida, attacked and raided a ship. One of the crew members found a wine barrel on board the ship and decided to have a drink while the captain is busy. But inside the barrel is a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who was taking a nap inside the barrel while playing as a stole away. The crew members were angry that there was no wine and attacked Luffy for tricking them. But Luffy defends himself from the swords which scares the pirates and they ran away. Except for a cabin boy named Koby, who's amazed by Luffy's special defense move on the pirates. Koby is a beleaguered and reluctant boy who's been a slave to Alvida for 2 years. He wishes for his own freedom again, but is too afraid to escape the clutches of Alvida. Luffy offers him a chance to escape, but they'll have to face the rest of the crew and Alvida in order to be free.
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