On the Ropes (2018)

Movie: On the Ropes

Director: James Mark

Actors: Can Aydin, Phong Giang, Tina Pereira, Cha-Lee Yoon, Joseph Di Mambro, Peter Frangella, Matthew Sauvé, Wendel Aguilera, Joe Campoli, Emilio Chino Ramirez, Sean Cookson, Gui DaSilva-Greene, Jordana Daumec, Marcus Di Palma, Riley Fung Ernst

Genres: Action

Country: Canada

Release Year: 2018

Duration: 90 min

Total viewed: 0

  • Storyline
Following the sudden death of their father, two brothers realize the greatest threat to their criminal empire might just be each other. A no-holds-barred battle for power ensues that threatens to destroy everything their old man built.
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