House Guest Massacre (2013)

Movie: House Guest Massacre

Director: Jake Jalbert

Actors: Alex Vincent, Brian Jalbert, Maylin Morera, Michele Yeager, Krystal Pixie Adams, Jered Allen, Nick Canning, Dee Marcucci, Kyle Marra, Randall Speakman, Trevor Williamson

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Country: Canada, USA

Release Year: 2013

Duration: 71 min

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  • Storyline
A vicious murderer is on the loose and the entire city is on edge. It's the perfect evening for Rob Murphy (Alex Vincent Star of Child's Play 1 & 2 and the Curse Of Chucky) and Jen Murphy (Maylin Morera) to lock the doors and have a night at home with some friends. But what happens if one of the guests you've invited, is in fact the brutal killer that the city is fearing? House Guest is a tense thriller that locks you inside the doors of the Murphy home, where new relationships are formed, a Father and Son bond is tested, and a Brother and Sister struggle to stay alive.
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